Army Reserve Center, Roanoke, VA

This project included the design and build of an Army Reserve Center in Roanoke, Virginia. The facility includes a Reserve Training Center (RTC) (43,000 SF), Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS) (8,000 SF) and Unheated Storage Building (USB) (3,000 SF).  The RTC is a mixed use facility including Assembly, Business, and Storage occupancy. The OMS is used for maintenance of various military vehicles. The facility is Special Purpose Industrial occupancy. The USB is a Storage occupancy used to store various types of gear for soldiers.

The RTC and OMS are protected throughout with automatic fire sprinklers. The local water supply was not sufficient to support the sprinkler system demands. A new fire pump house and 2 above ground water storage tanks were designed and installed for fire protection.

The RTC and OMS are equipped with fire alarm and mass notification systems. These are voice evacuation type systems used to warn occupants of fire or other impending danger. The systems are addressable intelligent systems with pull stations, strobes, speakers, smoke detectors, microphone stations and various other devices and appliances.

FireLogix Engineering, Ltd. filled the role of Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) for this project. As the FPE of record the firm was responsible for fire protection and life safety on the project. In this role FireLogix designed the fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire pump, and water storage tanks. In addition the firm was responsible for code consulting on building code and the life safety code for the project. As part of this role FireLogix prepared code summary reports and life safety plans to ensure that the building construction and layout complied with applicable codes and standards. The firm's role also included quality control and final approval of fire protection and life safety. In this FireLogix Engineers conducted field visits and final inspections to certify that the fire protection installation was in accordance with his design and applicable codes and standards.