Wallace Creek, MCB Camp Lejeune, NC

The initial, $183-million phase of the Wallace Creek Regimental Complex at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., provides a new home for four battalions and was built as part of the Marines’ Grow the Force initiative.

The complex included construction of 20 new structures with nearly 570,000 sq ft of space to house administration operations, maintenance, mission support, training, housing, dining and medical facilities for about 3,000 Marines. Each battalion headquarters is located near the barracks for its troops. The four battalions are arranged around the central operations, supply and maintenance facilities.

The facilities included many different types of occupancies including the following: Residential, Storage, Factory, Assembly, and Business. Several of the facilities were mixed use.

Fire protection systems included standard wet fire sprinkler, dry fire sprinkler, preaction fire sprinkler, standpipes and clean agent fire suppression.

Fire alarm and mass notification systems were installed throughout the complex. These included addressable systems with manual pull stations, strobes, speakers, text signs and a host of other features. The systems were equipped with radio alarm transmitters to communicate with the base fire department and central mass notification systems.

FireLogix Engineering, Ltd. served as quality control fire protection engineers (QCFPE) for this complex. In this role the firm reviewed shop drawings, calculations, and product data for compliance with the design and applicable codes and standards. In addition the firm conducted routine inspections of life safety, fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, mass notification systems, and the fire protection water supply. The firm provided final commissioning and approval of each of the 20 buildings in this complex.